Hello again, Porii Sames here for another blog about my personal opinion about some very underrated Pokemon in 5th Gen, and some slightly better ones that flat out aren’t used as much. However, I will also be discussing overrated Pokes as well.


#5: Genesect

Oh man. Genesect is my new favorite Pokemon of this gen. With that awesome ability, and the fact that its troll 99 base speed isn’t as important anymore as the speed tiers are different, not to mention its movepool, typing, and stats, Genesect is great. I use standard Choice Scarf Genesect, but with some extra Attack. U-turn, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower. Revenge kills, and hits for insane damage. Only #5 because he is actually quite common.

#4: Victini

Victini holds another slot on my team as a U-turn user and a physical attacker. The main selling points of Victini are U-turn and STAB V-create. V-create is a 180 BP move that lowers Victini’s Defense, Sp. Defense, and Speed. I just use a standard Life Orb set, with Wild Bolt, Zen Headbutt, U-turn, and V-create. Works quite efficiently.

#3: Seaking

In the rain, Seaking is no joke. Switch in, get a Lightningrod boost, and Agility on the switch. I personally run max Speed Naïve, with 80 Attack and the rest in Sp. Attack. Now, the key here is to switch in on an Electric move, which can be lured in by Politoed, and then either Agility on the switch or Hydro Pump. With some entry hazard support, rain, a Lightningrod boost, and a Life Orb, Seaking’s base 65 Sp. Attack has the power to 2HKO Ferrothorn, and even if there are no entry hazards, Ferrothorn has no way of dealing with Seaking. Latios is OHKO’d by Megahorn. And if you have a bad feeling about something, you can always Waterfall and hope for a flinch.

#2: Liepard

Liepard is on the list solely for one reason: Assist teams. Pack your team with a Stealth Rock user, maybe a Spikes user, and 5 Pokémon with Roar and Whirlwind. Set up Stealth Rock, get KO’d. Set up Spikes until you are KO’d, and then bring in Liepard and spam Prankster Roars and Whirlwinds, Toxicing the last Pokémon left.

#1: Sharpedo

Missing Blaziken already? Hate the whole Swift Swim + Drizzle rule? Well, here’s your solution. Sharpedo is given Speed Boost from the Dream World, and, in the rain, has the power to absolutely decimate teams with a Swords Dance boost. Similar to Seaking, it can be considered a joke at first, but can shred through numerous threats, and can outspeed them if you choose to also use Protect. Of course, Ferrothorn is a problem, but this can be solved somewhat by using a Sub + 3 attacks set. Sharpedo can also go mixed, with Surf and Dark Pulse looking promising.

Honorable mention: Landorus.

Now, for the top OVERRATED Pokes:

#5: Thundurus

Maybe it’s because I have Seaking, Chansey, and Xatu, but Thundurus never seems to be too huge of a problem. I think Thundurus actually adds to the game by giving momentum, as Prankster Thunder Waves can end sweeps easily. But…I don’t know, he was never a huge threat for me at least.

#4: Excadrill

While I believe Excadrill is a fantastic sweeper, I just think its usage drop from #1 to #11 will only increase because it is just easier to deal with than before. Politoed is becoming more common, and Breloom can easily OHKO with Mach Punch. Overall, Excadrill IS a great sweeper, just not the hype Poke he was originally made out to be.

#3: Cloyster

Maybe it’s because I’m not super high on the Gen 5 ladder anymore, but I think it might be the Cloyster users rather than Cloyster. Cloyster was blessed with Shell Break, but priority is just far too common, and Prankster users also can give Cloyster troubles (in addition to its mediocre coverage). I still think Cloyster is good, just don’t Shell Break immediately: scout the team first, and maybe get off some early damage.

#2: Jellicent

Jellicent gives me a couple issues sometimes, but seriously? Jellicent? A highly inferior bulky Water to many things, the only thing that Jellicent has going for it is its typing and two cool abilities, and possible Will-o-Wisp. Overall, though, Jellicent’s near uselessness when poisoned, and overall lack of bulk in a highly powerful format leaves something to be wanted.

#1: Conkeldurr

I’m sorry, but I think Conkeldurr is terrible. Powerful Psychic users still exist, and, overall, my team can handle it pretty well. Just don’t switch in things that can take a lot of damage from Drain Punch, and you should be fine. I also think it is just a slightly better Machamp who loses the amazing Dynamicpunch. As a Mach Punch user, it also seems inferior to Breloom.

Well, I conclude another blog, hope to write more in the future! This is your new blog post. Click here and start typing, or drag in elements from the top bar.

Are you sure on Lightningrod? It does nothing on 1v1. Maybe you are confusing it with Motor Drive.


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