This is intended for Wi-Fi OU, but it can be also used for DW.

By starting, you may be wondering what a “team core” is exactly. A team core is normally two or three Pokemon that a team is built around. An example of this is the infamous “SkarmBliss” core; which utilizes Skarmory and Blissey. Here is a list of some of the most common cores (excluding weather cores, which is a whole other blog) you are likely to see.

Hello there, Porii Sames here again. Today, I will be talking about my success in the 4th Gen OU ladder on Shoddy Battle.

I’ve been playing Pokémon and making unique VG sets since I was 12. I had a few crazy things, like a Bulky Yache Chain Chomp, and some other things. I mentored a few people and, eventually, made up a random team at one point. It was Spiritomb, Magnezone, Dugtrio, Vaporeon, Heatran, and Flygon. When I logged into Shoddy, I found that Salamence was legal, so I ditched Flygon as I had no other U-turners or Starmie. Eventually, I found that Porygon2 was performing better than Vaporeon. I tried using Choice Scarf Lucario in place of Heatran, but finally just went Swords Dance instead. Dugtrio had to be removed, so I replaced it with a Trick Band Mesprit. This performed phenomenally. Finally, Magnezone was replaced with a Choice Scarf Rotom-W. With some testing, I finally got up to #1 on the 4th Gen OU Shoddy Battle Ladder. Here is my exact team…