So, after quite a hiatus, this blog will be less of an informative blog and more of a “thoughts and rants” blog.

The first thing I will talk about is the suspect testing that happened on Smog0n a while ago. Now, by now, most of you probably know that Blaziken, Chandelure, and Drizzle + Rain Dance are illegal, but what else?

Well the first thing in the suspect voting was Latios. Latios did not gain a majority on the suspect, so it was kind of pushed aside. Deoxys-N was also on the suspect test, but it too gained no majority. But here’s 3 Pokes you probably didn’t know received “suspect” status.
Hello again, Porii Sames here for another blog about my personal opinion about some very underrated Pokemon in 5th Gen, and some slightly better ones that flat out aren’t used as much. However, I will also be discussing overrated Pokes as well.
Hello there, Porii Sames here again. Today, I will be talking about my success in the 4th Gen OU ladder on Shoddy Battle.

I’ve been playing Pokémon and making unique VG sets since I was 12. I had a few crazy things, like a Bulky Yache Chain Chomp, and some other things. I mentored a few people and, eventually, made up a random team at one point. It was Spiritomb, Magnezone, Dugtrio, Vaporeon, Heatran, and Flygon. When I logged into Shoddy, I found that Salamence was legal, so I ditched Flygon as I had no other U-turners or Starmie. Eventually, I found that Porygon2 was performing better than Vaporeon. I tried using Choice Scarf Lucario in place of Heatran, but finally just went Swords Dance instead. Dugtrio had to be removed, so I replaced it with a Trick Band Mesprit. This performed phenomenally. Finally, Magnezone was replaced with a Choice Scarf Rotom-W. With some testing, I finally got up to #1 on the 4th Gen OU Shoddy Battle Ladder. Here is my exact team…