Hello everyone! Jonathan back again! Today I'm making a decklist revolving around Mandibuzz (BW) and Gallade 4 Lv. X (RR). It is meant to snipe HEAVY, and to attack strong. Anyway, let's start with the decklist.

The Pokemon

4x Vullaby BW- Needed for Mandibuzz....duh
3x Mandibuzz- BIG snipe, can do a ton of damage to a Stage 2.
2x Gallade 4 RR- Chop Up, don't Feint. Needed for the Level X.
2x Gallade 4 Lv. X RR- Backup attacker, Blindside at will.
2x Horsea- for Kingdra
2x Seadra- for Kingdra.
1x Kingdra Prime- Spray Slashing and can attack in a pinch.
1x Bouffalant BW- Garchomp revenge killer.
2x Absol Prime- He can provide a GREAT backup attacker.
4x Spiritomb AR- Preferred Start. Stops Sabledonk.

Trainers, Supporters, and Stadiums

2x Seeker- Reuse Blade Storm FTW.
3x Energy Exchanger- Wait until you see all the different energy...O.o
3x Emcee's Chatter- After rotation, draw power is scarce.
2x Cyrus' Initiative- Disrupts, helps Absol.
3x Bebe's Search- Staple.
2x Pokemon Collector- Great early game.
4x Pokemon Communication- Filler.
2x Expert Belt- Absol or Gallade.
2x Pokemon Contest Hall- I need SOME sort of Stadium


3x Water Energy- Kingdra
4x Psychic Energy- Gallade.
4x Special Dark Energy- Mandibuzz/Absol.
3x DCE- Mainly for Bouffalant, but can benefit others.


You want to start out with Spiritomb as your active. Then play a Collector, grab a Horsea, Gallade, and Vullaby (or something else if you already have on of them). Get all three on your bench, then Darkness Grace the Horsea. The next turn, evolve Seadra and Vullaby, and level up the Gallade (use a Bebe's or something if needed). Blade Storm and Spray Splash, then Blindside any of your Opponent's Pokemon. So basically, you just want to get set up, then you can snipe powerfully.

Possible Techs

Pichu HGSS- fills up benches, for a better blindside (and to help you get set up).
Crobat G & Poke Turn (change to MD-On)- Lots of space, but if you can spread out the damage and Blindside, your Opponent's Bench is crippled.
Tyranitar Prime- Even more spread damage, can be an AWESOME backup attacker.

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