Hello guys, I'm writing up a complete set review for Emerging Powers, you can expect a new one for each set. I'm not including pictures due to the time it takes to post these WITHOUT pictures. However, if you open up Pokebeach or something you can find a picture. Without further ado, here we go (oh, and on my last blog post I thought my old ones ended on May 5th...It was May 28)!

Pansage 1/98
 This card is nice for a basic. 70HP means it'll last against other basics (most likely long enough so you can get out Simisage). The attacks aren't much; the ordinary Collect and Scratch. 5/10.

Simisage 2/98
 Simisage's previous evolution's HP was nice, but this Stage 1's HP is way too low. This card won't last in battle, and the attacks don't redeem its dismal HP. Fire Power does 30 damage, plus burn if the Defending Pokemon has Fire energy attached. First off- If you burn the Defending Pokemon, they are usually Fire Type, so Simisage is going down next turn most likely. Second- 30 damage will make your Opponent laugh. The second attack does a tiny 60 damage for three energy (one must be grass). Terrible card. 2/10.

Sewaddle 3/98
 Sewaddle starts on a bad note with a mere 40HP. The attacks aren't anything much. This card is entirely possible to score a OHKO on. 2/10.

Sewaddle 4/98
 This Sewaddle is a bit better with 50HP, but still mediocre. The attacks are completely ordinary. A bit harder to OHKO on the first turn, but still possible. 3.5/10

Swadloon 5/98
 With 80HP, this Swadloon has incredibly low HP for a Stage 1, and the attacks will make you want to Rare Candy. The first attack does 20 for a Colorless (which can actually be used early-game). The second attack is worse, costing GCC to flip 2 coins and do 50 damage for each heads. Sure, you can do 100 damage, but that only happens 25% of the time. 3/10

Swadloon 6/98
 Even worse then the other Swadloon, this one only has 70HP (notice a lot of Basic Pokemon have that now). Grass Cocooning is useless, as this card is most likely going to be OHKO'd anyway. The second attack belongs on a Basic, doing 20 damage for GC. 2.5/10

Leavanny 7/98
 This card actually provides decent support. With 130HP, its HP is pretty average. Its first attack is completely worth using- if it were a Poke-Power. Nurturing lets you evolve one of your Pokemon from your deck, but it uses up your attack for the turn. The second attack, X-Scissor, does a mere 30 damage for GC, but has a chance of doing 80 instead (50-50). All-in-all, not worth it. 5.5/10 (It's better then a 5, but I don't think it quite deserves a 6).

Leavanny 8/98
 Completely useless. You would never want to use it. The first attack does 30 for C (Good value, but damage is terrible). The second attack costs GGC (which is already bad), and lets you do 60 damage for each heads, with 3 coin flips. Worthless.  Don't say it can do 180 damage- at a 12.5% chance. 3/10.

Cottonee 9/98
 I'll laugh if you play this down against me. It only has 40HP, and has an Absorb attack (would be useful if this card had more HP). 1/10.

Cottonee 10/98
 This card does well to defend itself for the first 1 or 2 turns. It has 50HP, but it's attack technically makes it 60. It does 10 damage, with a 10 damage reduction during your Opponent's next turn. 3.5/10.

Whimsicott 11/98
 This is a disappointment to the second Cottonee. It's terrible 80HP and attacks are repulsive. It isn't even worth talking about. 2/10.

Whimsicott 12/98
 This is another disappointment. The first attack you could use at the beginning, doing 20 damage for C and letting you choose which attack your Opponent has to use in their next turn (be aware the retreating or switching ends this effect). The second attack does 40 damage for GG (bad) and lets you switch out. I guess you could use this. 4/10.

Petilil 13/98
 Ummm..... Well you can't expect much out of a Basic....haha. It has a 50/50 chance of paralyzing for G... bad. The second attack is vanilla 20 for GC, also horrid. 1.5/10.

Lilligant 14/98
 This card's first attack actually isn't half bad (as long as your Opponent doesn't have defenses against special conditions). For G, you do 20 damage, Paralyzing and Poisoning the Defending Pokemon on a heads, Confusing it on a tails. This could seriously damage an Opponent's deck if they have a bad hand, but they might have a Defense. The second attack does a lame 60 damage for GCC. 5/10.

Deerling 15/98
 Umm.... Just look at a pic of the card. 1/10.

Sawsbuck 16/98
 With 100HP, it's about average. The attacks aren't strong, however. Push Down does 30 damage for CC while forcing your Opponent to switch Pokemon, which can be an advantage to your Opponent. The second attack does 60 damage for GC, while it does 20 damage to itself. No. 3.5/10.

Virizion 17/98
 100HP is great for a Basic, but the attacks aren't anything out-of-this-world. For GC, it does 30 damage while healing the same amount of damage as it did to the Opponent's Defending Pokemon. If you can up the damage, this thing can tank in early-game. The second attack, at GGC, you won't be using much, but it does 100 damage (at the downside of not being able to use it during your next turn). 6/10.

Pansear 18/98
 See Pansage.

Simisear 19/98
 Pretty much the same as Simisage.

 That's all for this time! Next time I review Darumaka through Scolipede!


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