Hey guys, it's been a while (May 5th, holy crap), but I'm back with some info from last month! A bit late, I know, but I almost completely stopped playing Pokemon, but am back again! Mainly, I just want to share the INCREDIBLE artwork on theses cards. Seriously, you HAVE to take a look at these. So far, there haven't been any really extraordinary, but I can see some being played a little. Here are the pics!
Just to make this clear, I strongly dislike Smogon. However, that's not the point. Anyway, here goes.
 So as you might know, Blaziken was banned for its new Speed Boost ability, available via Dream World.
Hello everyone! Jonathan back again! Today I'm making a decklist revolving around Mandibuzz (BW) and Gallade 4 Lv. X (RR). It is meant to snipe HEAVY, and to attack strong. Anyway, let's start with the decklist.