Jonathan's Review

Today's COTD is Krookodile from the Black and White expansion. It has 140HP, A Water Weakness, a Lightning Resistance, and a [C][C][C] Retreat Cost. The HP and Resistance are good, but the Weakness and Retreat Cost can be torture. Its first attack , Torment, costs a DCE to do 30 and have an Amnesia effect. It can be good, but most Pokemon either have A. 2-3 attacks B. an evolution or C. A low Retreat Cost. Its second attack, Krookoroll, costs 2F2C to do a mere 60 damage (Base Set). If the Defending Pokemon already has a damage counter on it, though (hello Crobat G), it does 100 damage instead. But is it really worth the trouble getting a Stage 2 out, and getting 3-4 energy on it for 100 damage? No, not really. For the same cost, Machamp Prime can do up to 150 damage, which is more worth the trouble. However, one thing I like better about the Krookodile line then the Machamp line is that it can start locking the Opponent from its very first stage. I still prefer Machamp, thoutgh.

Modified: 6/10- With Pokemon sniping for 80, others smacking 150 damage, and Pokemon with 140HP  reducing damage by 40, this Pokemon just doesn't live up to the standards.
Limited: 8/10- Pull this, Krokorok, and Sandile, and you've got good locking and awesome damage.
Next Format: 7/10- With the lower damage, Krookoroll is kind of good, and Torment is OK.