So, after quite a hiatus, this blog will be less of an informative blog and more of a “thoughts and rants” blog.

The first thing I will talk about is the suspect testing that happened on Smog0n a while ago. Now, by now, most of you probably know that Blaziken, Chandelure, and Drizzle + Rain Dance are illegal, but what else?

Well the first thing in the suspect voting was Latios. Latios did not gain a majority on the suspect, so it was kind of pushed aside. Deoxys-N was also on the suspect test, but it too gained no majority. But here’s 3 Pokes you probably didn’t know received “suspect” status.
Excadrill: Well, I think you all know my thoughts on Excadrill, but alas, apparently Smog0n knows something I don’t. Due to the incredible popularity of Conkeldurr, Breloom, and certain Balloon Pokes, I don’t exactly consider Excadrill a huge threat. It did not gain any majority.

Thundurus: This kinda came as a shock to me (no pun intended, I SWEAR), but Thundurus does have some defining qualities. For one, he is very tricky to beat. If you bring in an attacker, it can just Thunder Wave and use its decent bulk to cripple your attacker. If you bring in a wall, it can just Taunt and then Nasty Plot up when necessary. The only problem is that there are surefire counters to Thundurus (Excadrill comes to mind immediately), and it too did not receive a majority.

Reuniclus: I totally ignored this thing for a while, before it started sweeping my teams so heavily. Reuniclus is certainly a great Poke, and its only surefire counter is probably Banded T-tar. It got close to a majority, but did not receive it.

With that done, there is something else I’d like to talk about, and that is teambuilding. In Gen V, teambuilding is arguably more important in this Gen that in any other, just due to the sheer fact of how many options there are. You’ll need a lead, a Scarf user, a Life Orb sweeper, and then the rest are fillers. However, I can guarantee to you that throwing 6 Pokes together does not ALWAYS fail miserably. I made a team when I had about eight Dr. Peppers, at 3 something in the morning, after playing SSBM for four hours. It was a team of Specially Defensive Politoed (Scald/Protect/Toxic/Encore), a Choice Scarf Genesect (standard kind), a Whimsicott (Leech Seed/Substitute/Encore/Charm), a Sharpedo (Swords Dance/Protect/Waterfall/Crunch), a Seaking (@ Life Orb with Lightningrod, Hydro Pump/Waterfall/Agility/Megahorn), and a Ferrothorn (Leech Seed/Thunder Wave/Spikes/Gyro Ball). I had great success with the team, and it was seriously a great experience with a very fun team that I constantly welcome to beginners because it uses some lol Pokes while needing a decent amount of skill and being an overall nice team.

And, I guess for now, my rant is concluded. Smell yall later!


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