Hello there, Porii Sames here again. Today, I will be talking about my success in the 4th Gen OU ladder on Shoddy Battle.

I’ve been playing Pokémon and making unique VG sets since I was 12. I had a few crazy things, like a Bulky Yache Chain Chomp, and some other things. I mentored a few people and, eventually, made up a random team at one point. It was Spiritomb, Magnezone, Dugtrio, Vaporeon, Heatran, and Flygon. When I logged into Shoddy, I found that Salamence was legal, so I ditched Flygon as I had no other U-turners or Starmie. Eventually, I found that Porygon2 was performing better than Vaporeon. I tried using Choice Scarf Lucario in place of Heatran, but finally just went Swords Dance instead. Dugtrio had to be removed, so I replaced it with a Trick Band Mesprit. This performed phenomenally. Finally, Magnezone was replaced with a Choice Scarf Rotom-W. With some testing, I finally got up to #1 on the 4th Gen OU Shoddy Battle Ladder. Here is my exact team…
@: Lum Berry
252 SpA/252 HP/4 Atk
~Shadow Ball
~Shadow Sneak
~Hidden Power Fighting

Spiritomb is essentially a worse Machamp that beats Machamp and Machamp’s counters (such as Colbur Berry Azelf). Shadow Ball hits hard, and can hit harder should you use a Spell Tag. Shadow Sneak is for getting that last hit off when necessary. WoW is for hitting unexpected switch ins and crippling them, such as Breloom or Salamence. Hidden Power Fighting is for coverage.

@: Choice Band
252 HP/212 Def/40 Atk OR 252 HP/228 Def/28 Atk
~Stealth Rock
~Zen Headbutt
~Fire Punch

Why Mesprit? It’s so average. Not as bulky as Uxie, and not as offensive as Azelf, or any of the other insanely hard hitting Trick users. So why Mesprit? Mesprit is the only thing that can be bulky enough to take a Scizor’s U-turn, and still OHKO with Fire Punch (assuming you still have a Choice Band), and reliably bluff a Calm Mind set, as most Mesprit run this. With the former set, you can survive U-turn 100% of the time at full from Scizor, and with the latter, you can survive U-turn 100% of the time with Stealth Rock up. Trick is for crippling, Stealth Rock is for disruption and Lucario, Zen Headbutt is for strong STAB, and Fire Punch is for coverage.

@: Life Orb
252 Atk/252 Spe/4 SpD
~Swords Dance
~Close Combat

Quite a Standard Lucario, but an effective one however. Swords Dance on the switch, Close Combat everything in sight, Crunch what you can’t hit with Close Combat, and Extremespeed for Scarf users and for revenge KO’s. Pretty…standard…not much to say, except you usually play the team in this order. Spiritomb KO’s something, Sneaks, gets KO’d back, Mesprit comes in and Tricks, and, if Lucario resists the move, bring it in or let Mesprit get KO’d, and Lucario gets a free Swords Dance and a potential sweep.

@: Leftovers
252 HP/208 Def/40 SpA/8 SpD
~Ice Beam

Porygon2 is an amazing wall that can absorb hits and use its amazing ability Trace to take down many threats. This is including, but not limited to, Electivire, Heatran, Gyarados, Jolteon, Vaporeon, and many Pressure users. Also, Porygon2 is my main Gliscor counter as Ice Beam OHKOs. Discharge is for paralysis (and great for Serene Grace), Toxic is good for stalling, Ice Beam is for actual coverage (and the only real offensive move it uses), and Recover is for instant health. The EV spread used is mainly the standard Porygon2, but I commonly found it getting KO’d by only a percent or two, so the 8 SpD EVs were added for nothing in particular, just for survivability against key things.

@: Toxic Orb
252 HP/252 Spe/4 Atk
Poison Heal
~Leech Seed
~Focus Punch

Breloom is broke, no ifs ands or buts. Essentially, this is a normal SubSeed Breloom: Sub or Spore on the switch, Spore or Leech Seed then, and begin Focus Punching. Even with just 4 Attack EVs, Focus Punch hits like a truck, even on things that resist it. So yeah…Breloom is also my Scarf Starmie counter, as that can give me late game troubles sometimes.

@: Choice Scarf
252 SpA/252 Spe/4 HP
~Shadow Ball
~Hydro Pump

Rotom-W is a new Poke I’m testing out, but it seems to work really well. Rotom in conjunction with Porygon2 lets you wall nearly anything, as Rotom’s power and speed is still enough bulk with its key resistances and immunities. Rotom is my Infernape counter and Scizor counter; two main things that this team can have serious issues with should you mispredict at some point in time. Thunderbolt is for obvious STAB, as is Shadow Ball. Trick is for disruption and two Trick users on one team is hilarious. Hydro Pump is for coverage, and the only Water move I have on my team.

So, wrapping it up, I like this team and it is fairly easy to use. I encourage you to use it and make your own edits!


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